The Red Booth

The Red Booth

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last updated my visual diary. I’m busy joggling work & business on the side, plus the fact that I’m putting on a lot of weight that I’m no longer decent on my photos, kiddin’ haha. But seriously, I need to shed some pounds or else I can no longer wear my closet.

My event styling and candy buffet business exhausted all my creative juices and I can’t think of anything to write about. So I’d like to share these 20 random things you might not know about me J

1. I’d rather hold a cockroach than enter a butterfly garden.
2. I can last with no deodorant for 48 hours without smelling stinky (I’m blessed of having a not so sweaty underarms).
3. I can stand sleeping for 30 hours with no food and water intake (probably 2 bio breaks in between).
4. I’m a super duper mega fan of Jennylyn Mercado and Regine Velasquez (I watch online shows, stalk their social networking accounts and even volunteer father the baby of Jennylyn during her break-up with Patrick Garcia).
5. I spent 15 thousand pesos at Topman trying to prove that I can spend my half-month salary without worrying for the coming days.
6. Up to now, Superman is my favorite childhood character but I’ve never seen his films/series/cartoons or read comics until the last installment.
7. I drink 600 MG of antibiotics whenever my tonsil is acting-up (without doctor’s prescription).
8. I’m a frustrated singer. I already planned own concert at the Araneta Coliseum.
9. I want to get married in Spain ala San Tsai and Dao Min Shi.
10. I love fancy Iced Tea especially the ones from Banapple, Wendy’s and Bon Chon.
11. I’m a fan of birthday surprises, cakes, balloons, gifts. I pretend that I don’t like it, but deep inside, I’m giggling what to expect with the surprise.
12. Red is my favorite color but you’ll rarely see me wear Red and have anything Red on my things.
13. I’m a shoe-aholic. I have more than 50 pairs of branded shoes. Not to be so defensive, I’m flat-footed so I need quality and really comfortable shoes to stand my daily activities.
14. I dreamt of being a professional pop dancer. It’s one of the things I regret not pursuing.
15. I wear clothes without ironing them (even for business attires). I normal buy wrinkle free clothes or cover them-up with blazers.
16. I buy things then store them in my locker or pedestal because my partner will scold me for buying another pair of shoes or set of clothes.
17. I always buy a bucket of Potato Corner fries whenever I’m in Greenhills. It was said in the movie that French fries are potatoes, potatoes are vegetables. Vegetables are healthy, therefore, fries are good for the body because it’s healthy 
18. I’m a stress eater and people at work knows this. It’s their queue not to bug me or I might throw my monitor at them.
19. I joined a modeling contest for teens, and won. But was disqualified due to my age. Nevertheless, they gave me lots of shirts in return (not bad!)
20. I collect Starbucks tumbler & snow globe of places/countries i’ve been to.

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Who would have thought that we’d be friends for almost a decade now? I’ve known Lay since our college days in San Beda. Since then, Lay personifies fashion, class and style. You’ll never see her untidy, seems every day is a cat walk day. With her creative skills, she’s a very reliable Assistant Vice President. From sourcing supplies at Divisoria (na first time ko makapunta), to creating stage decors, costumes, invitations – name it and she kills it. No wonder our organization won as the Best Marketing Organization in the Philippines. I share the top recognition with her creative solutions in organizing our events.

 photo IMG_96672176141576_zps8e8be44c.jpeg

Our paths didn’t end in San Beda. We both entered the BPO industry way back 2007 in the same company. I always look forward to our Christmas collaborations when we’d source for her gowns and have it customized by a local designer (I meant local kasi from Novaliches pa ung mananahi, haha). She’d travel 2 hours just to get her gowns done, yearly! Lay, and our other friends, would travel all the way to Novaliches every time I get sick or I’d invite them over for sleep over. Dati, The Bar lang, solve na kami. Ngaun, it has to be Chilis’, Barcino, Palladium! Level-up! Haha

 photo IMG_96909326052788_zpsaf7297c7.jpeg

Our friendship is not perfect. There was a time na we didn’t talk for months. Minsan nagkakatampuhan, nagkakainisan with walk-out moments pa. I guess that made our friendship even stronger. Lay is my no.1 defender & supporter. She stayed even on my darkest days. When I was out of work, she’d go to our place, buy food, binigyan pa ako ng baon nung nagsisimula pa lang ako sa ADP, haha!
 photo IMG_96846314761927_zps8b3e0920.jpeg

But seriously, Lay is one of the greatest BLESSINGS God has given me. All these years, I couldn’t imagine life without her. We’re destined, like parts of a puzzle that perfectly fit together. I go right, she goes left. We know what’s running on each one’s mind.

God made her part of who I am. Lay, I know it’s your birthday, but you don’t know how much blessing you are to the people around you. Thank you for everything that you are. Words are not enough to describe how lucky I am that I have you. May God grant your heart’s desires. I love you to the moon and back!Happy Birthday 🙂

 photo IMG_96879533700247_zps0a8a9ff0.jpeg

The cold never bothered me anyway!

The cold never bothered me anyway!

It was 14 deg Celsius when we arrived in Macau. 1st stop, Senado Square ~ a famous tourist spot that leads the ruins of St.Paul.

 photo image_zps5ff98ff8.jpg

Officially enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Centre of Macao, the Ruins of St. Paul’s is a 16th-century complex of what was originally St. Paul’s College and the Cathedral of St. Paul.

 photo image_zps8db9074c.jpg

On the way to the sanctuary is a street full of Chinese stores that offer free taste of authentic Chinese and Portuguese delicacies. Just bring rice and you’ll be good for the day.

 photo image_zps11e16b95.jpg

Since we need to go back to HongKong before sunset, we only get the chance to visit The Venetian Macao. We capped off the tour with a gondola ride (a replica from the famous tourist spot in Venice).

 photo image_zps160d7b97.jpg


 photo image_zps5ee90221.jpg

Button-down ~ Forever 21
Pull-over with knit details ~ Forever 21
Chinos ~ Uniqlo
Brogues ~ Bench

Summer Forever

Summer Forever

Boracay is on top of my to go beach destinations in the Philippines. This is where beach life, perfect sunset, adventure & night life are rolled into 1. My recent trip was extra special because it’s my sister’s first time in ‘Bora’ (she’s a Filo-Aussie and I only get to see her every 2 years).

 photo image_zps79dd98c2.jpg

The best way to welcome her? A night-out at Epic Bar! Not only we get to have the best shooters and cocktails that Boracay have to offer, we get to dance ’til dawn, meet new folks, and get a free hangover! Yes, a terribly baddest hang-over that my sister woke-up 4pm the next day! Haha

 photo image_zpsf042b12d.jpg

A series of FIRST. Not only that its my sister’s first time in Boracay, we also tried ‘Fly Fish’. It’s super extreme version of banana boat. Though sadly, the odds are not in my favor as I was thrown in the open sea twice from that physically exhausting water adventure!

 photo image_zpsdda9fff7.jpg

Up, up and away. We tried parasailing for the first time. While up there, you get to see Boracay’s skyline. Experience is fun, but if you into adventure, this is not for you. Though this is perfect for couples or a good idea for an engagement proposal *wink*, I kind find the activity boring after my Fly Fish experience.

 photo image_zps7c61c878.jpg

Of course, I wouldn’t miss to take this chance to do my Summer OOTD. This Forever 21 combination is a runaway winner perfect for summer. The cool tropical prints perfectly layers the plain board shorts.

 photo image_zpse8578f05.jpg

Making life’s precious moments extra special with Instax. Capture celebrations and have it printed right then and there with this Polaroid inspired camera.

 photo image_zpsf17932c1.jpg

 photo image_zps9cc76180.jpg

I’ve been to Bora every now and then but this is by far the BEST stay ever. Not only I get to try new stuffs, but spending it with my best friend and sister whom I seldom see makes this trip super extra special. I love you, twin!!!

 photo image_zpsdd5a6a42.jpg



Over the weekend, I styled my friend Andiy for her a friend birthday photo-shoot. While waiting for her to be made-up, I was asked to do test shots by the photographer (well, I actually insisted haha). After seeing the photos, it made me realized how my style evolved over the year.

Style is my way of life. The beauty of style is not about what you wear, but how you carry yourself with it. Let your style have a voice by switching from basics to express yourself prints like this floral short-sleeved button down. Prints are not only stylish, it gives a leaner look on your body frame.
 photo image_zps04642e77.jpg

Who says floral and prints are for girls? Don’t blend into the background. Discover the soul of your personal style. Inspiration and imitation are two different things. Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it.
 photo image_zps10250f60.jpg

Life is like a photograph. All you need is confidence, a stroke of luck and a perfect pair of jeans and shoes. To finish this look, I cuffed the jeans off to highlight the boots and show-off the socks
 photo image_zps68eb8c22.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Francis Magpili
LOCATION: Greenbelt Residences


Button-down ~ Bazaar
Jeans ~ Zara
Desert Boots ~ Cotton-On
Socks ~ The Ramp, Crossings

 photo image_zps316eda2d.jpg

All photos here are raw and unedited 🙂

Friday the 13th (Random Thoughts)

Friday the 13th (Random Thoughts)

I always see the good in people. Learning to see the good side of things is challenging. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they are right. And sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

We don’t need to hide our problems behind smile. Be happy and look beyond where life is taking you. Understand what you should be, know how valuable you are and know how you can become relevant with the things you do

Like an arrow, it can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it’s synonymous to launching something great. A negative mind will never give you a positive life. As they say, life is short so live fully, love a lot and laugh often. We only get one shot in life, so make the most out of it 🙂

 photo image_zps8f38175b.jpg


Shirt ~ SM Youth
Carrot Jeans ~ Oxygen
Snap-back ~ Forever 21
Sneakers and Accessories ~ SM Accessories

 photo image_zpse3a866f6.jpg

Photography: Lyra Bartolome

Asian Invasion with PALTY

Asian Invasion with PALTY

The Asian invasion continues with Palty!

Japanese and Korean beauty products and apparels are aggressively dominating Philippine market. Cheers! As Palty is now available in the Philippines and is part of SM North Edsa’s recently concluded Pastel Hair Fair last november.

 photo image_zpsd02edc55.jpg

Palty is a Japanese hair dye specifically made to lighten Asian hair. Their newest break-through is this easy to use Wax Type Permanent Hair Color that caters to on-the-go teens and yuppies. Have a new look this season in as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Mix and shake the contents on the provided canister
2. Apply on hair like wax (hand-gloves were provided)
3. Rinse after 30 to 45 minutes (or after desired color was achieved)

 photo image_zpsf826021a.jpg

My hair is always in jet black and I’m not a fan of hair-coloring products. What made me decide to try Palty is the fact that it’s easy to use and there’s no need to stay at salon for hours as you can do it on your own. The price of Platy is relatively higher than of the regular hair dye, but it offers unique colors and low ammonia content which damages the hair.

 photo image_zps2e63144f.jpg

Holiday parties are right around the corner. Thanks to Palty for giving me an edgier look to compliment my style this season.

 photo image_zpsd9e698d7.jpg


Denim Jacket ~ Forever 21
White V-Neck Shirt ~ Bench
Jeans ~ Oxygen
Sneakers ~ Comme Des Garcons

 photo image_zps38dd8565.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lyra Bartolome

Margarita 101

Margarita 101

Octoberfest is over but my Margarita madness still continues. After my weekly bottomless margarita night-outs last month, I’m back at Chili’s with their new promo: RITA TRIO. A sampler of 3 premium margaritas.

 photo image_zpsa9fd962f.jpg

Pomegranate Margarita ~ Perfect mix of 1800 Tequila, Absolut Citron with pomegrate syrup, and sweet and sour.

Tropical Sunrise ~ Made with 1800 Tequila, Melon Liqueur, pineapple juice, sweet and sour and a splash of grenadine

Blue Pacific ~ 1800 Tequila, Cointreau and Blue Curacao. It will remind you of cool tropical night

My favorite, Tropical Sunrise Margarita. A perfect flavor blend of citrus and sweet.

THE MAIN EVENT: Top Chef Frozen Margarita (comes in Lime, Strawberry and Mango)

 photo image_zpsb4c33ebe.jpg

There are more than a hundred blends of Margarita all over the world. But more than the blend, what I look forward to are the countless stories of friendship, fun. and family bondings witnessed by every ounce of Margarita I sip.



Perception (n) the way you think about or understand something ~ Merriam Webster Dictionary

The ugly truth is, humans, like all things, are subject to interpretation. We see what we want to see. And what we see and hear depend on where we are standing. That’s what makes us unique as humans ~ personality, individuality and differences.

We cannot dictate what others might think of us, nor force others to believe who we think we are. If we want change, we need to change our own perceptions. Fact is, we co-exist. In this modern and trying times, what the world thinks of us is none of our business and vice-versa. I’ve learned to accept that people will judge us whether we do good or bad. At the end of day, the ball is on us to prove them wrong or just live with it. After all, no one else can feel the way we live our lives except ourselves.

Y.O.L.O. You Only Live Once! So live a little, laugh a lot, and love always.

 photo image_zps49984894.jpg


Vintage Shirt ~ Team Manila
Chinos ~ Bench
Loafers ~ Vans
Flash Sunnies ~ Sky Top Clothing (IG Account: skytopclothing)

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”



Whether in words or actions, I was never a fan of any form of stupidity. In my current role as Team Leader, it is a basic expectation to think logically, strategically and rationally. But at one point, we will all encounter trashy colleagues that will really get into our nerves. So here’s a guide I made to be successful Leaders/Managers.

 photo image_zps693a5505.jpg

10 Things Team Leaders Shouldn’t Do

1. Sleep while everyone is working hard to meet daily goals
2. Update personal stuffs within the first 3 hours of your shift. Whether it’s your personal phone or your blog, office is never the avenue for that
3. Sugar Coat. Sorry, I meant manipulation of data. Show your associates’ real numbers so it wont create any false expectations
4. Team Leaders shouldn’t forward feedback directly to associates and have them reply on your behalf. Know the art of coaching ~ POCDAC (Prepare, Open, Clarify, Develop, Action, Close)
5. Enforcing authority to gain respect
6. Judge and create assumptions
7. Stop learning
8. Take sides
9. Don’t be subjective. Never use personal vendetta especially on email, it looks funny though 🙂
10. Send an email without proof-reading. Minor grammatical mishaps are acceptable but carabao english through direct translation of thoughts is definitely a no-no!

10 Tips To Be Successful Team Leader

1. Get to know your team. Do daily spot-checks at the start of your day. It our most important task
2. Promote transparency and accountability in everything you do
3. Listen, team members might even have better ideas than us
4. Know the difference between coaching and mentoring. Even high-performing associates need coaching
5. Synergy. Empower your team by making them feel relevant to achieve high performance
6. Be honest. Nothing beats integrity as virtue to gain your associates’ buy-ins
7. Live through these guiding principles: Educate,Enhance, Enrich
8. Raise standard. Even the simplest job requires no sense of mediocrity. Always be the better best version of you
9. Study. Evaluate processes and get the habit to always learn something new
10. Love what you do

I never claim to be a perfect leader, but I have the balls to say I’m better 🙂


On a more lighter note, Sunday means casual day. This is what I wore for our volleyball event. Boat shoes are already off-season and so 2012. Casual basic sneakers are back on trend up to the last part of 2013.

 photo image_zpsaad4b211.jpg

I’ve recently discovered an online seller with stylish yet affordable clothes that are of quality ~ PUSH THRU. I love their jersey shorts which are very comfy and the shirt is 100% Cotton. The print is rubberized which makes it washing machine friendly. Their products have value for money. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @Push_Thru

 photo image_zpsc2aed73c.jpg

Shirt ~ Push Thru
Jersey Aztec Shorts ~ Push Thru
Sneakers ~ SM Department Store
Sunnies ~ Spy
Accessory ~ G-Shock

Photography: Lyra Bartolome
Venue: Assumption College Gymnasium